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Pregnancy / Newborn & Infants Portrait Photography 

by nelson photographer grant stirling

Baby photography isn’t just be all about your baby… we make sure YOU are included in these precious early moments of your newborn’s life. They will thank you when they’re older and are able to look at you holding and admiring them - Inge

Thank you for choosing Stirling Images for your next photo session.  For any enquiries about our Portrait Photography packages or session, or to organise a booking, please submit your details at the bottom of the page, and we will contact you.  Alternatively, you can download a Booking Form (link) and contact us on (03) 5451221 or 0272296737 / 0220308170 to discuss further details. We look forward to meeting and talking with you.  

IF you are thinking about booking a newborn photography session, the best time to book is within a month after your pregnancy. We will ensure you get a special parent shot of you, with your tiny bundle. 

For more Portrait and Wedding photos, please visit our Instagram and Flickr grant_stirling. 

"When you arrive for your newborn’s photo shoot at the Stirling Images Studio, the last thing you may feel like doing, is having your own photo taken. However, they are literally only this small once, so take the moment to have your photo taken, as you will never again get to fit them into your arms so neatly. It’s the perfect record of just how small your baby once was. Even 1-2 weeks later when you view your photos, clients will often comment on how much their baby has grown in that short time. It is well worth having THAT shot!" - Grant & Inge 



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