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Nelson Portrait Photography 

by nelson photographer grant stirling

(specialising in pregnancy, newborn, children, families, boudoir and commercial portrait photography)


The way we take pictures is changing, and photography has never been more a reflection of how we see and live than now. We all want to capture decisive moments, change lives, be seen, make us think, reminisce and to capture unimaginable beauty. 

Grant and I are drawn to portrait photography for different reasons. We want to make people truly feel and see that they look good, even great. We enjoy working with clients to understand what they are looking for and being able to deliver a portrait that meets or exceeds their expectations. One of our favourite aspects of portrait photography is the moment when a nervous client feels a sense of relief and satisfaction at seeing their portrait. 

Equally, it gives us so much satisfaction seeing the final result and especially the happiness people feel when they see their photos. You have just created these beautiful images for them, and that alone is a special feeling, the fact that they have chosen you" - Inge & Grant

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Personal portrait photography

There is nothing we like more than getting to know the clients we’re photographing and then making every effort to represent them in the most appropriate manner. I also love being able to use my creativity, whether it’s photographically or artistically, to give my clients what they desire. I think my style of photography accomplishes that - Grant
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