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by nelson photographer Grant stirling 

Portrait photography by Nelson Photographer Grant Stirling 

"Maternity photos are not just about a bump.  They are not something we do just for our children to look back on.  They are a way for us to celebrate the baby we’re about to meet, to celebrate our current partner / husband or family, and to celebrate the strength of our bodies.  That baby bump is beautiful.  As women, we need to celebrate what we are capable of.  Think of all the things going on inside that space in your body.  You’ve grown a brand new person ... At Stirling Images we can draw out the beauty, love and femininity of pregnancy and make you look gorgeous, elegant and glowing". 

"If you have a photography session while you’re pregnant, you have the chance to create once in a lifetime memories – you can’t get them back. Photos also trigger memories, feelings, emotions… they help you remember more vividly. Even if you don’t care for the memory for yourself, I can assure you that when your children are older, they will be delighted to see the photos of their pregnant mama, while they were growing inside of you. Also, by putting dad in the picture, can help him bond with baby a bit more too, and it gives him some special memories of his own" - Inge

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Portrait photography by Nelson photographer Grant Stirling